SEASON 2019-2020

Drouin Bowling Club Inc – Board of Management

Chairperson  Dale Hendricks

Vice Chairperson  (vacant)

Secretary  Margaret Schofield

Treasurer  Noel Rubenstein

Board Members  Andrew Blaby, Ann Sadowski, Ron Brodie, Lorraine Fox, Ian Haughton

Public Officer  Margaret Schofield

Greens Director  David Tayles

Umpires   Ian McCartney, Andre DeWaele. Laurie Innes, Noel Rubenstein, Les Firth

Measurer  Lorraine Kinrade

Coaches  Mark Atkinson,  Andy Kidd, John Leighton, Maureen McMillan

SEASON 2019-2020

Combined Match & Tournament Committee

President  Andrew Blaby

Admin Officer  Ian Haughton

Finance Officer  Ron Brodie

Committee Members  Graeme Aubrey, Jan Aubrey,                                 Sheryl Atkinson, Mark  Atkinson, Les Firth, Mary Firth, Lorraine Fox,   Helen Gaff, Margaret Schofield.

Delegates  Les Firth, Mary Firth

Press Officer  Kevin Potter

Selection Committees

Saturday Pennant  (Chair) Lloyd Smith, Peter Hone, Noel Rubenstein, Graeme Aubrey, Bob Cole, 

Midweek Pennant  (Chair) Margaret Schofield, Jan Aubrey, Lorraine Fox, Maureen Leighton, Maureen McMillan

Midweek Press Officer  Irene Dawson

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